Cruise and Resort News: Political History on a River Trip; Rain Forest Discounts

Cruise and Resort News: Political History on a River Trip; Rain Forest Discounts
RESORTS WITH A DISCOVERY NETWORKS TOUCH. Discovery Networks, the media company that runs the Discovery Channel and Animal Planet, has put its imprint on a handful of global resorts with its new Discovery Destinations. Each of the six initial …
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The cost of doing business increases the value of the nose and understands that good management techniques may vary
BIZ. American Express’s latest business management survey found that corporate travel costs in 1994 exceeded $ 143 billion. Employers in the private sector spend $ 2,484 for tourism and entertainment, and grew by 17% for four years.
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After the cost of sales and data transmission, the third largest controlled expenditure will be spent on the new TP. Companies recognize that 1% or 2% of the funds may even cost millions of dollars.
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This order is required for this project, which has enough confidence to attract the attention of the management to the management. Participation begins with the identification and assessment of the effectiveness of the administration and control of the TI administration.
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Handicraft management takes responsibility for travel management, introduces a quality management system for tourist services, and includes writing and distributing official travel policies. Only 64 percent of US companies have a travel policy.
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In addition to supporting large management, the fundraising routes can be used only for three direct direct are successfully managed by the company, which helps reduce travel costs and many aspects of the journey so many companies do not know where to begin. Global Group Inc. Founder and CEO, Stephen R. Schoen, says: “The travel industry is based on information.” “After landing passengers they only got information.”
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If so, information technology is a challenging but very comfortable place to save money. Roger Hu Ballu, president of Traveling Services Group American Express, says: “Technological innovations in business allow firms to automate costs directly to manage and manage their expenses.” In addition, many companies pay close attention to the cost savings and mitigation costs. ”
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When applying to real estate acquisition technology, companies can feel very creative in the ways they use.

Large Leveler
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The central backup system is a unique area for long-term travel agents and other industry professionals. However, all this changed in November 1992 when the traffic department authorized the public, such as Apollo and SABER. Traffic management software such as TripPower and TravelNet instantly develops and enables corporations to understand where to spend T & E costs.

The software connects to the corporate database and directs access to centralized backup systems that provide direct stock backup to airline companies, hotels, and car rental agencies. These programs also allow users to develop computerized travel reports to save on costs by discounts, hotel and car rentals, and travel information. According to actual data, corporations provide additional support for discounts with providers.
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Maryot Savovie Stevens, Chiron Corp. “If you decide to replace agents, you do not have to go back to one of the squares.

Jesuit schools thrive in USA ahead of Pope Francis' trip
As he studied for the priesthood in Argentina in the mid-1960s, Jorge Mario Bergoglio followed a tradition that has long been key to members of the Society of Jesus: He served as a teacher — specifically, literature and psychology at a local Catholic …

Kia Takes Father, Son On Road Trip For 2015 Optima
“I always wanted to take a trip across America and in '92 was ready to do it.” He had planned to, but got pulled into the '92 Presidential campaign working on behalf of one of the candidates. “So I never ever was able to take that trip,” he says. He …
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Bishop Nickless prepares to travel to meet Pope Francis during US trip

Bishop Nickless prepares to travel to meet Pope Francis during US trip
The leader of the Sioux City Diocese spoke to local media Tuesday afternoon about his upcoming trip to meet Pope Francis. Bishop R. Walker Nickless is one of the clergy world-wide who will be meeting with the Pope during his trip to the U.S. next week.
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McCarthy pitches lifting export band during Houston trip
House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy made an appearance at the Greater Houston Partnership, during which he announced that a committee vote is scheduled Thursday on a bill to lift the oil export ban.
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For Philip Montgomery, TU-OU game will be a seventh trip to Norman
Before taking over as the head coach at the University of Tulsa in December, Montgomery visited Norman for six games while an assistant at Baylor and Houston. For an 11 a.m. Saturday matchup, his 2-0 Hurricane squad will make the trip down the Turner …
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Dear Abby: Girlfiend Won't Take Trip

Dear Abby: Girlfiend Won’t Take Trip
Dear Abby: My girlfriend, “Ashley,” and I have been dating for three years. Every year I ask her to go on a trip with me to St. Louis where my parents live. It’s a weekend trip my parents sponsor for our entire family, and it involves a Cardinals …
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In parallel with communication with encryption card partners, Mastercard has also announced that the London-based cryptocurrency processor Wirex has become the first local cryptocurrency platform to be awarded Mastercard’s core membership, which will allow it to issue cryptographic payment cards directly.
Thanks to the membership, Wirex card users will be able to immediately convert their cryptographic holdings into fiat currency, which can be spent at points of sale accepted by Mastercard. Thus, the currency will enter the Mastercard network in the form of fiat, not cryptocurrency.
US thwarts threat against Pope Francis on eve of trip to America
July 25, 2013: People greet Pope Francis, center, as he visits the Varginha slum in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. (AP). The United States has uncovered threats against Pope Francis ahead of his visit next week to America and has thwarted at least one, the …
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Meeker girl has life-changing experience on trip to Peru
MEEKER I Meeker resident Aubrey Walsh, a 2012 graduate of Meeker High School and currently a senior at the University of Northern Colorado (UNC) in Greeley, spoke recently about her her five-and-a-half week mission trip to Peru, running July 8 through …
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Annie: Theme park trip causes invitation drama

Bitcoin has seen its value drop drastically in 2018 from a record high of nearly £ 15,000 in December 2017 to now below £ 7,000.
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However, there are indications that the number of people investing in cryptocurrencies is increasing.

Ms. Chitroda added, “It is important that if you believe that your husband or wife has invested in or purchased cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, and you divorce, you tell your legal counsel.”
Countries over-go were the first time in the summer of the summer of the year and at the end of the year there was a lot of anger.
From the Finnish Finnish capital to the van of central bank Frank Franklin in Germany in months ago in monetary implants of cryptocurrencies.
This is why many of the world’s most used online assets are.
Annie: Theme park trip causes invitation drama
DEAR ANNIE: My husband has decided to plan a trip to a major theme park. It was supposed to include the two of us, plus his three adult children and their families. Here’s the problem: When I could not take the time off from work, his children invited …

Gov. Abbott’s One-on-One Interview About Mexico Trip
Governor Greg Abbott recently returned from an much anticipated trip to Mexico. When he returned, he spoke exclusively to NBC 5 Political Reporter Julie Fine about his three-day trip. (Published Wednesday, Sept. 9, 2015). Updated 2 hours ago. Governor …
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If the internet has made one big change for the better, it is that commerce has become a lot more competitive than it was 15 or 20 years ago.

For one, anybody who knows what they’re doing can start up their own business online, and without the need to be in the same neighborhood as their customers, people are free to shop around and find the absolute best deals available.
This pays off even more because, now that every vendor can sell to every customer, pricing becomes naturally more competitive. If you don’t like the price a used book is selling for on Amazon, there’s always eBay. When companies know that you can turn around and go to the next site over, they’re a lot more willing to give you a great deal.
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One of the best side effects of this new economic model is that customers have so many more options open to them now. The prices people are paying on airfare today, taking inflation into account and everything, are generally going to be lower than they were several years ago, because the online travel agencies know that they’re not just competing with the guy across town. They are competing with every travel agent out there.

This means that people who would never dream of a trip to Europe ten years ago may easily imagine themselves heading to Rome
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It is a myth that the cheapest airfares are available to those who book last minute. Rather, the best deals are usually available about 6 months before departure, when the seats are first released for purchase, and these disappear as availability gets more scarce. So if you’re thinking of going away at Christmas – book your flights now! (NB hotel rooms are still most likely to have their best deals at the last minute).
If you’re going somewhere a little bit obscure, it is often cheapest to use these tips to find a great deal to the nearest major hub city (such as London or Dallas) and then pick up a hop to your final destination from a low cost airline or commuter service. Make sure you leave plenty of time for the transfer, though, as the hop airline won’t be responsible if you miss your connection!

All travel gets more expensive during school holidays, including flights. If you don’t have children, this one’s a no-brainer. And if you do have children, have you considered leaving them behind?While its almost always cheapest to de-couple flights and hotels for city breaks and long haul, if you’re looking for a week on a beach or on the piste, package holidays can still sometimes be the cheapest option. Package holidays become even more likely to be the best deal if you’ve ignored tip number 1 and are booking last minute.
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Recently online travel agents like Orbitz, Kayak and Bing Travel have become incredibly popular with people who are booking airline travel. They will scour the Internet for numerous sources to find the cheapest fares available, and then give you a comparison to go on. Some specialize in helping travelers to find last-minute deals, and you can find ones that can help you save money on international flights. But are they always the best way to find your cheapest rates as compared to booking directly through the airlines?
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When you book with one of the online travel agents you definitely get good comparisons on the price of tickets. What they aren’t so great at is to identify hidden fees, and in this day and age these hidden fees are ways many airlines make their money. If an airline has baggage fees, for instance some sites don’t let users add these fees onto their fare. In other cases finding those fees can be quite difficult.


Priceline is known for its “Name Your Own Price Service”. It acts as a third party between hotels who have unsold rooms, are willing to sell them off at discounted rates, and visitors looking for bargains who do not mind which hotel they’ll be staying in. When using Priceline you get to bid for hotels, you select the neighborhood you want to stay at in the Omaha area, the star level you want for your hotel, and, finally, your bid. If Priceline sees that they have hotels that match this criteria, they tell you what your hotel is and your credit card gets charged. Lets say you want to stay in Central Omaha and that your bid is rejected. Priceline allows you to rebid after 24 hours. End of story? No.
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You can rebid immediately if you change your city, date, preferred star level, or neighborhood. It is very likely that your date, city, and preferred stars are fixed. This leaves us with changing your neighborhood. Once your bid is rejected, start a new bid by clicking on the Priceline logo at the top of the screen.

Priceline is the middle man for hotels who are trying to sell off unsold rooms at reduced rates, and for many hotel bargain shoppers who have no idea at which hotel they will end up for their vacation. Read on to find out more about the Priceline tips to get amazing bargains and for immediate rebid opportunities. flights
The main principle of this service is anonymity. You will not be provided with any information regarding successful bids for a particular zone and class of hotels that may have worked in the pass. It is impossible for you to get them to reveal any bidding key tips to you. But, these days there are a number of websites that claim to have the information that you need. So, look around for genuine ones.

The main objection is that instead of seeing a discounted price (20% off the usual agent’s price is fairly normal for both LastMinute and Wotif) at a specific hotel, Priceline gives you no clue as to the actual hotel and you have to bid the price you are prepared to pay.

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Priceline does give a little help – it breaks cities down into areas and shows the normal retail price of hotels in different star categories and suggests a likely discount you should apply when bidding. Nonetheless, there is a huge danger that you will end up paying more than you need to. Priceline might have set a secret minimum bid of $80 a night but if someone bids $95 the company will happily accept the bid. Also, in recent years, business has been very good for the hotel industry and we suspect that Priceline was selling rooms at some hotels that would otherwise have difficulty in attracting guests. In other words, you could end up paying over the odds for an inferior hotel.

Will I get the worst room in the hotel if I have booked a mystery deal at a special price?

There is a possibility that a few hotels will use these mystery deals to sell a handful of less desirable rooms they would not normally sell unless the hotel was full. Most hotels will give you a standard room but, as is common for rooms booked at special rates through agents, it is likely to be the lowest-category room available. The better rooms may be on higher floors, have more modern furnishings or better views and these are likely to be allocated to clients who have booked direct with the hotel.


If you have booked a standard room through an agent (whether it be Priceline or not), there is no reason why you cannot upgrade the room when you arrive. Many hotels are more than happy to upgrade agency customers to executive-floor rooms (maybe for an extra £30 a night) or give them a larger room or one with a better view. Hotels are looking for extra revenue at every opportunity and if someone offers them money, and they have a better room available, they are unlikely to turn them down. Interestingly, this method can quite often lead to a free upgrade! A receptionist may find the task of taking the extra payment on the computer system too daunting and just allocate a better room without charge. Offering to pay for an upgrade can be a better way of getting a free upgrade than just asking.

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Airline travel can be an exhausting, confusing, and exasperating experience these days. With rules and regulations on what you are allowed to bring on board changing everyday, and with each airline putting their own spin on the rules, it can be impossible to know what you can and can’t do.

Traveling with an infant or toddler makes flying about 100 times more difficult, it seems. So most parents choose to navigate the busy airports with the help of a stroller. Traveling with a stroller can definitely make things easier, but before you book your next flight, we’ve compiled a list of specific rules and regulations regarding the transportation of your baby’s stroller during your flight.
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Most airlines consider a stroller to be a piece of luggage that, thankfully, is not subject to any additional baggage fees. In other words, you can have your regular carry-on and personal item just like everyone else, and bring the stroller as an additional piece without charge. Most airlines do require that you gate check the stroller unless it can fit under your seat or in the overhead bins. But since most strollers do not fit in those spaces, gate checking is the way to go. Some airlines also have restrictions on the size of the stroller.
Most either recommend or even require that your stroller be a small umbrella stroller. Hawaiian Airlines specifically does not allow jogging strollers. Other airlines do not have a specific rule for it, so that may mean it is open for interpretation. If you plan on bringing a jogging stroller or other large stroller, you may want to call the airline directly before you travel to inquire if it is OK to do so.

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Here is a list of several airlines and their specific regulations that we’ve compiled based on what was published on the official airline web sites on September 9, 2009. Please be aware that these regulations could change at any time, so before you travel be sure to double check with your airline to make sure the same rules apply. Not all airlines were specific in spelling out their rules about strollers, so we’ve put what we were able to find. For more detailed information, contact the airlines directly.

Air Canada: One stroller to be checked in at the gate, in addition to two pieces of checked baggage.
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Air France: Children under the age of 2 are entitled to a special allowance of 10kg plus one cabin baggage item, plus one of the following items: foldable stroller, bassinet, or car seat.

Alaskan Airlines: Strollers and car seats may be checked without charge.
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Allegiant: Each fare-paying passenger is allowed to take a stroller or car seat to the boarding area. The stroller or car seat can also be checked at the time of check-in. If the stroller or car seat is taken to the gate, it will be gate checked.


The British Airways First Class is known for setting standards and trends. Their passengers receive exclusive check-ins, security screenings, VIP lounges, priority boarding etc their ground services include chauffer service and a lot of facilities in the waiting lounge like iron service, massages and bathing options. On board they can enjoy fully flat beds and bask in their own privacy.
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For couples there are special arrangements. The beds are made of fresh cotton sheets and duvets with clean pillows that take airborne comfort to another level. They also receive high definition entertainment kits with noise cancelling headphones and an extensive list of movies and TV dramas. The menu is prepared by master chefs and the quality control is beyond exemplary.

The passengers can request their meal at any time and enjoy a wide selection of wines, drinks and teas.
Internet has made it more convenient for people to learn, analyse, plan and execute their everyday lifestyle. Among them, travelling opportunity is one, which has seen quite a lot of improvement due to the contribution of web services.

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Travel portals help people search, browse, compare, plan and customize their trips with simple clicks of the mouse. These online agencies have replaced traditional agents by offering not only travel, but also accommodation and flight plus hotel booking. Booking on these portals allow people to avail attractive offers, which are aimed at catering to boost travel requirements. This is because most travellers are on the lookout for best consolidated deals so that they can save both money and time. Attractive bargains not only provide ample saving opportunities for people, but also encourage them to fly frequently.

British Airways – the flag carrier of United Kingdom (UK) is one such airline that operates with the same motto. It is the largest carrier on the basis of fleet size in UK and has its main hub at Heathrow Airport in London. British Airways serves more than 165 destinations, including six domestic. It is among the few airlines in the world that flies to all six inhabited continents.
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With 55 Boeing 747-400s in its fleet, this carrier is the largest operator of these aircraft in the world. In addition to regular services, it provides special assistance to differently-able passengers. Such facilities include mobility and wheelchair assistance and special care for the visually impaired.
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United Kingdom’s leading international airline, ‘British Airways’, with routes to over 550 destinations, is known worldwide for its high standards and number of awards won. The success of British Airways could mostly be credited to its incessant addition of more long-haul international flights as well as the extension of its fleet not to mention the world class services offered.

With the exception of that, the entire airline boasts of features that provide its passengers with unsurpassed comfort through value added services such as extended leg room for economy class travelers, extraordinary lounges and onboard catering with exclusive wine served. If you are an economy class traveler, no doubt, you can enjoy swanky service and comfort; however, if you are a business class traveler, you can get pleasure from the stylish, sophisticated and personal service of the highest level.
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British airways is a world famous full-service airline offering various facilities on cheap international air tickets throughout the year with a global route network. This airline was founded after World War I, when the civil aviation sector was beginning to flourish. Around 90 years back, the carrier was launched as the daily scheduled air service between Paris and London by its parent company, Aircraft Transport and Travel Limited. The first British Airways flight carried an individual passenger along with the cargo comprising newspapers and Devonshire cream, grouse and jam.

Are you trying to plan a summer vacation on a budget? If so, you are on the lookout for good deals and discounts. There are many ways to find these online, including the popular classified website How can you ensure you get the best deal?
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Although they vary, you may find a seller who claims to have Disney tickets, but they really don’t. You send them the money and they up and run. Or, you may have a fraud who takes pictures from the internet claiming they own a vacation rental. You pay, but once you arrive at the destination and see another building in its place, you are heartbroken. Not only that, but you are also out your money and don’t have a place to stay!

marriott vacations. Both Disneyland and Disney World are classified as resorts. You might assume that resort tickets include a stay at an onsite hotel, but they usually don’t. Most times, you are just buying admission tickets. When looking for cheap vacation deals on, never assume. Always read postings carefully and ask lots of questions. This is another good way to avoid a fraud too.
Have you ever had the urge of travelling all day long, nonstop, with nobody and nothing there to stop you?? Travelling has been the passion for many, especially those who dream of going on a world tour. But, now due to the availability of Cheap Vacation Packages, it has become possible to visit the farthest corners of the world. These days, airlines as well as hotels are providing cheap and fair deals for travel and accommodation respectively. A Cheap Vacation is all inclusive and along with sightseeing offers accommodation and travel facilities to the tourists come at really cheap rates.

India offers great deals, cheap and affordable, to tourists and travelers. The Cheap Travel takes you to some of the best tourist destinations of India like Manali, Mussoorie, Corbett, Rishikesh, Kodaikanal, Munnar, Manali, Cochin, Udaipur, Nainital and Goa. The packages are solely designed for the budget tourists. The Cheap Vacation Packages are designed keeping your interests and moods in mind. The theme packages provided by the online tour operator include family packages, honeymoon packages, pilgrimage packages, romantic packages, luxury packages, quiet getaway packages and weekend getaway packages. These theme packages are for touring and vacationing in India.
Boone, North Carolina

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If you would like the quiet tranquility of a mountain town to recover in the hectic college life, then Boone in North Carolina is 1 on the most effective discount vacation ideas for college students. Boone has many great hotels and inns which are not just cheap but they also provide great meals and services. The primary attraction is of course to go on a hiking trail along the Grandfather mountain that also features an attractive mile high swinging bridge. You will discover also many other places that you just can visit like the nature museum, Altapas orchard and ride the historic Tweetsie train that’s at the state’s first theme park.

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Las Vegas
I don’t know of any college student who doesn’t would like to go to Las Vegas. Whilst it is only worthwhile to go to Las Vegas whenever you are over 21, since that’s the legal gambling age, Las Vegas definitely has a lot additional to offer. It is possible to get many discounted hotel rates, in case you book well in advance and it’ll be a trip worth remembering for your life. It is possible to also get discounts in entertainment along with food. From high end shopping malls, night clubs, gourmet restaurants and performing arts venues, you can find lots of points that you just can visit and enjoy in Las Vegas. The biggest expenses for your trip to Las Vegas stands out as the lodging and food. In case you can get a great discounted price for it like a package deal or because of group booking, grab it quickly. Las Vegas is a dream destination for many college students and you will enjoy it incredibly much.

These had been some cheap vacation ideas for college students. In case you plan your vacation well in advance and do the necessary preparations and research, you are able to find budget vacation ideas right for you. There are numerous cheap vacation packages which are especially formulated for students and you ought to try to avail them.

Like everything else there is a “season” to finding cheap flights to Miami. The in-season in Miami is from April through December. The in-season really is just the time of year when people travel more, and it really does not have anything to do with the goings-on in Miami. Miami is exciting year round. The south Florida weather is always good – hence the states moniker as the sunshine state. Miami gets hot during the summer, but the weather is cooler from December through April and much more tolerable, and finding cheap flights to Miami is actually easier for this time of year. The party atmosphere may be up a notch or two during the summer months and that may be why Miami is a top seller from April through December, but other than that, there is no reason why a trip to Miami cannot be built around the December through April timeframe.

porter airlines canada
The best times to find Miami cheap flights also include the day of the week that the flight is scheduled for. It is cheaper to depart on a Tuesday. The airport hubs are less busy and the airlines are trying to fill seats. Actually any day besides Friday or Saturday is cheaper to fly.

A lot of folks book a flight and then print the ticket and don’t think much more about it until it is time to get on the flight. Not knowing the restrictions that are associated with a cheap flight and cost more money in the long run. You have to pay attention to the restrictions because they spell out everything from the cost of checking luggage to what will happen if the flight is cancelled. Restrictions are in place and in print so that they are read and understood. If something happens and the flight is cancelled and you have no reviewed the restrictions and those restrictions spell out that there will be a re-booking fee even if the airlines is at fault, you will have to pay the fee. Avoid any and all surprises by reading the ticket restrictions before booking the flight.
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iii. One very unorthodox method which is not talked about much is simply to ask frequent travelers how they go about getting nice deals. This saves a lot of trouble and allows you compare flight prices. I have been able to get a very cheap flight ticket every now and then when I tried to compare holidays with a chronic globetrotter. Cheap holidays, he assured me sometimes do come cheap! Imagine that coming from a frequent traveler. Of course, I believed him.

iv. Once I had to travel with my friend to France and he insisted that we move at a very odd time of the year for vacationing. It was a bit annoying initially but when we started moving around without the normal hassles associated with the rush period, I was surprised and pleasantly so. My friend informed me that he makes it a point never to travel when vacationing is in overdrive…not only is it inconvenient but far costlier he informed me. Additionally, you get the FULL attention of the attendants at various spots you visit because of the low tourist traffic. Now, that what I call a pleasant vacation he told me.
Additionally, you may want to spend a bit of time looking at some on-line discount travel sites too. More and more of these sites have been cropping up offering bargain cheap flights. This has actually been a good thing for consumers because it has been driving airfare prices down. When you use these on-line sites, you can input different departure dates and times to look at your options. Then the results will show you which airlines are offering dirt cheap flights that fit within your budget constraints. Be aware that when you are looking for bargain cheap flights one of the best things you can do is to shop early. This means that you need to plan ahead to give yourself the time to check out the airfares. Generally sale fare promotions are released on Wednesdays at midnight, so that is the best time to check your favourite airline. flights
If you travelling in South Africa and need to find a cheap air flight within South Africa, is easy if you follow some basic rules. It gets quite busy between the big cities of Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban so flights book up really quickly, so its best to check all the budget airlines that service these destinations.

Here are a few tips to get a cheap flight within South Africa and still find a seat:

1. The best way to get a cheap air flight to Cape Town or Johannesburg is to do research and check all the sites that allow you to make a booking. There is no one way of getting the best price all the time – the only way to get the cheap air flights is to ensure that you check as much sites as possible

2. There are basically three types of airfare websites which you can check the for the lowest air fare.

· Aggregators that check airfares for many different airlines but I have noticed that the prices of these websites is usually higher that the airlines own website as they allocated a set number of seats only.

· Traditional booking engines that check multiple websites and take a small fee in addition to the price of the flight. They process the sale on behalf of the airline and keep the fee.
expedia flights
· Airline’s own websites – These usually offer the cheapest air fares but it does make sense to check the other websites to get an indication of what you should be paying.

3. If you can try not to travel on a Monday or Friday – these are usually the busiest times and when most business people travel. Here are some the airlines to check when flying within South Africa.

4. Always specify that you want the lowest available fare – websites give you the option to search over a few days which increases the chance of a the cheapest flight available.

5. If you see a great deal, book it immediately – flight prices are based on demand and supply so in all likelihood the quicker the flight fills up, the increased chance the prices will increase.

6. Also consider cancellation fees – the cheaper the flight the less chance you will get a refund if you miss your flight as well as paying a surcharge if you need to change your flight.

Happy Travelling

People use to depend on cheap flights for their travel needs on a large scale. Whether it is a business tour or just holiday making, the cheap flights were greatly relied on by lots on consumers. It was even, became habitual to look for the cheap flights chart first for any sort of flight journey. The airlines industries were also making good business as more and more people began to travel through flights as the charge as just a bit more than the usual train and bus. It was even observed that the demand for the other classes were on a standstill, while the demand for the cheap flights was galloping high.

Airbnb Acquires Multi-City Trip Planning Service Vamo, Will Shut Down Product

Airbnb Acquires Multi-City Trip Planning Service Vamo, Will Shut Down Product
Airbnb is acquiring Vamo, a service that helps in the process of booking trips with stops in multiple cities, and shutting the product down. Airbnb might not use Vamo, but the company's appetite for a team like Vamo CEO Ari Steinberg's makes sense …
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Road trip of paramount proportions
Anita King was a self-made success, making her way from cleaning homes to Hollywood stardom in the heyday of silent films. But her full role as a trailblazer for women isn't as well-known. King, in 1915, was the first woman to make a solo trip across …
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My Trip: Couple heads to Cleveland for Antiques Roadshow
What she said: "My husband and I were excited to receive tickets in the mail for Antiques Roadshow in Cleveland on July 11," Kate Reed said. "We were each allowed to take two items for appraisals. We decided to make a weekend of it and went to the …

FBC Russell senior group offers Renfro Valley trip
RUSSELL — The Twilighters senior group at First Baptist Church of Russell will take a bus trip to the Renfro Valley Entertainment Center in Mount Vernon for the Mountain Gospel Jubilee on Oct. 31. The bus will leave the church at 8 a.m.; tentative …
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"He doesn't get to go out much because it takes a lot of people to make the trip," explained Singano. "But, when I got that news I was excited." Because Ke'Aiden is confined to a ventilator, it takes several nurses and respiratory therapists to …
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Georgia hoping for different result than previous trip to Vanderbilt
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Firefighter says arsonist 'expected me to die'

Firefighter says arsonist 'expected me to die'
Firefighters confronted an elaborate set-up of accelerants grouped by trip wires inside 117 Jefferson Ave., early Friday morning. Officials are still investigating to determine who rigged the booby-traps and set a small fire inside the building. “It …
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Kwik Trip plans to add 4th site to area
Kwik Trip plans to build a fourth convenience store in Central Minnesota, and a company representative will visit the St. Cloud Planning Commission meeting at 6 p.m. Tuesday to request land be rezoned for the project. The La Crosse, Wisconsin gas …
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Road Trip: Kentucky – From the Bird's Nest
When the first game of the year is on the road, it means there's one less day in the office to tie up loose ends before the road trip. That made for some pretty late nights last week. We had re-formatted the broadcast with a two hour on-site pre-game …
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Residents of Calif. County Rally Around Black Family Terrorized on Camping Trip

Residents of Calif. County Rally Around Black Family Terrorized on Camping Trip
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Trip to DC, Selma inspires book co-authored by local 5-year-old
MIAMI (WSVN) — A South Florida boy with big goals and a love of American history has turned those dreams into a book, one he wrote with a little help from his mom. Page by page, "EJ's Exciting Road Trip" takes readers on 5-year-old Edwin Bonilla, Jr …
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Grandma paid for a honeymoon trip — or a scam
Plan your own trip (on your own dime). Most hotels offer full refunds on booked rooms with relatively little notice. If your grandmother's trip package somehow miraculously materializes, you should choose between them and take whichever honeymoon you …
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